Low Start Up Costs

A normal 'brick and mortar' business can cost around $50,000 just for the start up.

And even then, it takes years to break even most of the time.

However, In this business, the start up is very minimal, and the profits can be substantial once you get up and running.  You can also break even on your very first sale in many cases!

Now, you can use a credit card like I did, to pay for the more expensive package and pay under $50 per month as you give yourself a great opportunity to make thousands of dollars each month!

This is a very manageable strategy with very low risk since most people can afford low monthly payments while getting started.

Remember that leveraging credit or any kind of manageable financing can be a very good thing.  This is how I got started and I would do it all over again!  It allowed me to quit my job and create the amazing lifestyle that I enjoy today!

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