My name is Derek Johansen, and like many of you, I started at the bottom of the Totem Pole.

I am a college dropout and I spent 3 years scrubbing toilets for a living before I finally had enough!

I decided that I was going to do whatever it took to escape the 9-5 rat race and pursue the restful life of freedom I wanted!

I began taking insane risks! Some paid off and some didn't. But I wouldn't be where i am today if I stayed in my "secure" job.

I started by applying to a $20/hour job that i wasn't qualified for and got it. Then i used that job to buy a house.

I then quit my $20/hour job after 1 year and took a pay cut to work for Pepsi as a delivery driver so I could get my CDL through the company for free.

Once I passed my CDL and driving tests, I applied to almost 30 different over-the-road trucking companies before one company could hire me out of North Dakota, where I lived at the time.

I rented out my house and took yet another pay cut from Pepsi to my new trucking company based in Texas. After just over a year, I left that trucking company for a higher-paying trucking company based in Iowa.

After about a year with the Iowa company, left for another higher-paying trucking company based in Wisconsin where I now make more than all of my bosses back in North Dakota!

I used the extra trucking money I acquire to invest into various entrepreneurial ventures that will make me well over 6-figues...

All of this, because I didn't want to scrub toilets anymore.

I desperately wanted a better life. I was so fed up with feeling like a slave in society. I was over-worked and under-paid.

Now I have control over my life. I set my schedule the way I want! I don't have to answer to anyone else. I can sleep in as long as I want...

I am my own boss and you can be too!! You might not have to take as big of risks that I took, but without action, you will stay stuck in the life that wasn't meant for you.

The old saying is, "nothing happens until something happens."

It sounds so obvious, yet so many people wait their entire lives waiting for something to magically happen instead of making something happen.

So take it from my experience and DON'T WAIT! Take your first step toward a life of financial freedom and time freedom today!


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